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Quick Details

  • Availability: Select Days in Nov & Dec
  • Duration: Approx 2.0 – 2.5 hours total
  • Round Trip: Approx 45 minutes each way
  • Layover: Approx 10-15 minutes at Santa’s House
  • Food & Beverages: Everyone receives a cookie and hot cocoa. VIP and Premium have access to the Bar in the Lounge car. You are also welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks — but no alcohol.
  • Seating: Seats are assigned by Mt. Hood Railroad according to your ticket type. VIP, Premium, and Parlor have a table that seats 4. If your group has fewer than 4 tickets, you might be seated with someone else to fill the table, so if you want to ensure you don’t share a table, please make sure the number of tickets equals a multiple of 4. Note: Standard seating does not have a table. If you would like to be seated with another group, please book everyone under one reservation — or put the first & last name of the group you want to sit with in the comment section when booking.
  • Babies: Infant in arms available for ages 0-2
  • Wheelchairs: Parlor seating is the only option that can accommodate wheelchairs, so please select that option for pricing. Keep in mind, since this is a historical train, the width of the door is 30 inches. We have a lift, but unfortunately, we are unable to load or store electric wheelchairs. Also, wheelchairs will not fit through the bathroom doors, so please keep that in mind.
  • Assistance with Boarding: If anyone in your party needs a lift to board the train (such as use of walkers), please let us know in the comments when booking your reservation, so we can plan accordingly.
  • Pets: No Pets are allowed. For health and safety, anyone caught sneaking a pet onto the train is subject to a $100 fine, and they will not be allowed to board the train again after the layover in Pine Grove.

Adult (Indiv Ticket) Ages 13 & older
VIP - Adult Booth • Table Seats 4 • Bar & Lounge Access • Snack & Bev
89 p/p
Premium - Adult Booth: Table Seats 4
79 p/p
Parlor - Adult Chairs: Table Seats 4
69 p/p
Standard - Adult Booth: No Table
59 p/p
Child (Indiv Ticket) Ages 2 - 12
VIP - Child Booth • Table Seat 4 • Lounge Car Access • Snack & Bev
89 p/p
Premium - Child Booth: Table Seats 4
69 p/p
Parlor - Child Chairs: Table Seats 4
59 p/p
Standard - Child Booth: No Table
49 p/p
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The Mt. Hood Christmas Train captures the magic and the spirit of the Christmas season with its warmth and charm. Your family will love it!

You’ll feel the holiday magic in the air the moment you arrive! You’ll be greeted by our cheery & festive staff before the conductor calls “All aboard!

The music begins as we depart the station and you will instantly be wrapped in the Christmas Spirit!

We are excited to welcome everyone aboard to try this new experience and continue the holiday tradition of the Mt. Hood Christmas Train! Ho Ho Ho!

Still have questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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