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  • NOTE: Since VIP, Premium, and Parlor have a table that seats 4, if your group has fewer than 4 tickets, you might be seated with someone else to fill the table. If you want to ensure you don’t share a table, please make sure the number of tickets equals a multiple of 4.
  • VIP “Poison RIP” ($99 p/p) passengers will ride in our luxury car, with a private bartender and have room to roam about the lounge area. Comfortable booth with a table (seats 4) — will receive a complimentary snack and non-alcohol beverage. Additional Food & Beverages can be purchased.
  • Premium “BOO!th” ($84 p/p) relaxes in a booth with a table (seats 4). Food & Beverages can be purchased.
  • Parlor “Haunted” ($79 p/p) enjoys chairs with a table (seats 4). Food & Beverages can be purchased.

Food & Beverages: A snack and non-alcohol beverage is included with the VIP Package. Additional Food & Beverages can be purchased for all customer types. Note: 1 alcohol drink (beer or wine) may be limited per person (please be prepared to show ID).

Wheelchairs: Parlor seating is the only option that can accommodate wheelchairs, so please select that option for pricing. Keep in mind, since this is a historical train, the width of the door is 30 inches. We have a lift, but unfortunately, we are unable to load or store electric wheelchairs.

Assistance with Boarding: If anyone in your party needs a lift to board the train (such as use of walkers), please let us know in the comments when booking your reservation, so we can plan accordingly.

Pets: No Pets are allowed for health & safety reasons. Please don’t put our staff in the uncomfortable situation of having to issue a $100 violation or refuse to let you board the train again after the layover in Pine Grove. It diminishes enjoyment for all involved.

For Mature Audience - Ages 13+ Recommended
Adult (Indiv Ticket) Ages 13 & older
VIP - Adult Booth • Table Seat 4 • Lounge Car Access • Snack & Bev
99 p/p
Premium - Adult Booth: Table Seats 4
89 p/p
Parlor - Adult Chairs: Table Seats 4
79 p/p