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Mount Hood Railroad offers an unforgettable ride through the blooming countryside of Hood River, Oregon. This historic railroad, over a century old, provides passengers a sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

Come aboard the Spring Train on select days in April and May. 

Arrival: You receive your tickets at the historic Mount Hood Depot, a portal to the past with its charming, vintage design. It offers various snacks and souvenirs to browse or buy before boarding the train. Our cheerful conductor and crew greet you, ready to guide your journey from hello to goodbye.

Train Ride: As you step onto our train, you return to an era where the journey itself is a grand adventure. With its plush seats and warm lighting, the interior nods to the golden age of travel, wrapping you in nostalgia, comfort, and class.   

Our train leisurely chugs through Hood River’s vibrant spring landscapes, allowing you to soak in the stunning views. Outside your window, enjoy the sight of blooming orchards and wildflowers set against the Columbia River Gorge and snow-capped Mount Hood.

Peaceful music fills the air as our engaging conductor shares tales of the area’s rich history. Indulge in a complimentary treat while children delight in spring-themed coloring pages. For additional luxury, premium options like meals and alcohol are available for purchase.   

Layover: The trip’s highlight is a 45-minute stop at a family-owned orchard. Explore The Fruit Company’s gift shop and museum, where spring blooms on every corner. Enjoy a taste of local craftsmanship at the Mt. Hood Winery alongside incredible views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams. 

Back on the train, our crew’s genuine care and warm smiles make you feel like a valued guest. As the train returns to the station, it leaves hearts full and spirits high, a testament to the personal touch we strive to provide.  

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Join Us for a Springtime Adventure   

Take advantage of a Spring Train ride here. 

It’s the perfect retreat for individuals and families looking to step back in time and enjoy life’s simple pleasures—the promise of spring blooms in those who’ve experienced this timeless journey through Hood River.