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Every National Train Day, people from across the country celebrate the timeless beauty of American trains. This day holds special significance for the Mount Hood Railroad as we reflect on our historic legacy, journey through our rich countryside, and create lasting memories with our passengers.  

Ride Through History  

Since the late 19th century, the Mount Hood Railroad has been an integral part of the Oregon landscape. Initially built for transporting timber and agricultural goods, our railroad has evolved into a beloved tourist attraction, offering scenic rides through the Hood River Valley and the magnificent foothills of Mount Hood.  

On National Train Day, we pay homage to the pioneers who laid the tracks, the skilled engineers who mastered the routes, and the communities whose stories shaped the railways. We appreciate the nostalgia of steam locomotives and the efficiency of our modern diesel engines.  

Soak in the Sights

A highlight of celebrating National Train Day with Mount Hood Railroad is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of Oregon’s landscapes. Our passengers enjoy perfect views of rolling hills, bountiful orchards, and the radiant waters of the Columbia River. Whether you’re a first-time rider or a returning guest, each journey with us is something to behold.  

Create Lasting Memories  

Beyond the stunning views, National Train Day reminds us of our mission to create lasting memories for our passengers. Mount Hood Railroad offers various adventures throughout the year, from orchard tours to holiday specials to captivate guests of all ages. Today, we invite everyone to step aboard our vintage train and experience the joy of American rail travel.  

Preserve Heritage, Embrace Innovation  

As we celebrate National Train Day, Mount Hood Railroad reaffirms its commitment to preserving our heritage while embracing innovation. We invest in modern amenities, safety protocols, and eco-friendly practices to ensure every journey is comfortable and sustainable. Our commitment to excellence radiates through every part of our operations, from our dedicated staff to the exciting activities we provide.  

a train is parked on the side of a mountainJoin Us in the Celebration  

This National Train Day (May 11, 2024), we invite all of you to join us in creating memories with Mount Hood Railroad. Let’s celebrate exploration, community, and the timeless charm of train travel. Happy National Train Day from Mount Hood Railroad!

From $27

Leaving the valley floor you cross and ride along 3 miles of the lower main fork of the Hood River while navigating a 3% grade that takes you on one of only five switchbacks remaining in the United States with peek-a-boo views of Mt Hood, Oregon’s tallest peak.


From $27

Experience vibrant autumn colors of the Northwest during a leisurely trip aboard one of the most scenic trips in the country.  Check back on our website for updates on expected peak dates throughout fall.